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Aota Code Of Ethics Pdf Free
Aota Code Of Ethics Pdf Free

aota code of ethics pdf free


Aota Code Of Ethics Pdf Free >>>


























































Aota Code Of Ethics Pdf Free


About . Refrain fromactions thatreducethepublics trustin occupational therapy. Join/Renew Shop Store About AOTA OTJobLink OT Connections JOIN AOTA SIGN IN SIGN IN . References . Occupational therapypersonnel use theirclinical and ethical reasoningskills, sound judgment, andreflection to makedecisions in professional and volunteer roles (Prudence). Get/Maintain Your License Continuing Education Find a School Considering an OT Career? Awards and Recognitions Job & Career Resources New Practitioners and Recent Graduates Fieldwork Resources for Educators Accreditation NBCOT Exam Prep Resources for Students Conferences & Events AOTA/NBCOT Student Conclave Register today for theAOTA/NBCOT Student Conclave. Thestandard ofdue carerequires. American Occupational TherapyAssociation. Preserve,respect, and safeguard private information about employees, colleagues, and students unless otherwisemandated orpermitted byrelevant laws. Use conflict resolution and internal and alternativedispute resolution resources as needed to resolve organizationaland interpersonal conflicts, as wellas perceived institutional ethics violations. Respect and honortheexpressed wishes ofrecipients of service. The EC is responsible for developing the Ethics Standards for the profession which apply to occupational therapy personnel at all levels and in all professional and societal roles. Justice requires the impartial consideration and consistent followingof rules togenerate unbiased decisions and promote fairness.As occupational therapypersonnel, wework to uphold asocietyin whichall individuals have an equitable opportunityto achieveoccupational engagement as an essential component oftheirlife. Provide appropriateevaluation and aplan ofintervention for recipients ofoccupational therapyservices specificto their needs. Moon, MD, MPH, FAAP(20142016). 150). Respond to requestsforoccupational therapyservices (e.g.,a referral) in atimelymanner as determined bylaw, regulation, or policy. Takesteps (e.g., continuingeducation, research, supervision, training) to ensure proficiency, use careful judgment, andweigh potential forharmwhengenerally recognized standards donot existin emergingtechnologyorareas of practice. Avoid anyundueinfluences that mayimpair practice and compromisetheabilityto safelyandcompetentlyprovideoccupational therapyservices, education, orresearch.Address impaired practice and when necessaryreport to the appropriateauthorities. American Journal ofOccupational Therapy, 68(Suppl. B. Veracity. 5d80d7912b

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